Our history

You can trust in over 100s years of experience

In 1912 the cooper Georg Speidel founded a business for the production of barrels. At the beginning, only wooden barrels for beer, wine and must were produced and sold regionally.

In 1930 his son Gottlob Speidel started running the business, still producing wooden barrels for beer, wine and must. Due to their high quality, the barrels were sold in an ever growing area.

In 1950 the destiny of the company was laid in the hands of Hans-Georg Speidel. In addition to the production of wooden barrels, in 1963 a GRP production (glass-fibre reinforced plastic) was added.

Until 2004 GRP was used to produce multi-use barrels for agriculture, containers for wine and other beverages as well as for silos for bulk good. At the end of the 1970s Speidel designed and developed its rain water barrel.

In the 1980s the demand for wooden barrels decreased drastically and barrique barrels did not yet play an important role. Therefore, the production of wooden barrels was stopped. Instead, stainless steal became increasingly important. More and more stainless steel beverage containers were produced and Speidel invested successfully in the development of new production methods. In the meantime Speidel was one of the leading businesses in the production of stainless steal containers for agriculture.

Already in 1996 Speidel also produced PE-containers in the so-called rotation method. These containers can be used as rainwater collectors, as barrels for must, but also as supply products for the industry, like for example as brine containers for grit lorries.

Family business

The company has been run by the Speidel family for already four generations. Hans-Georg Speidel, the grand child of the company founder, led the enterprise from the production of wooden barrels to the production of glass-fibre reinforced plastic barrels (GRP) and later also introduced the production of stainless steal and PE containers.

Stefan and Fabian Speidel, the two sons of Georg Speidel, after finishing their studies as industrial engineer and mechanical engineer, joined the company. Today, together with Georg Speidel, both are co-directors of the company. Stefan Speidel is responsible for PE products, Fabian Speidel for stainless steal products. And the fifth Speidel generation is aleady waiting for its call.

Fabian and Stefan Speidel
Fabian and Stefan Speidel