Plastic parts made in rotomolding

Heavy Rotation

Speidel’s clients rely on the proverbial Speidel quality. We are specialized in the production of containers for agriculture, municipal services, industrial enterprises in general and the beverage industry in particular. Many well-known enterprises are among our clients. We know exactly what counts in the manufacture of high-class products.

Our tanks are produced in the so-called rotation process. Though this process is more complex than the spray cast procedure often used by other manufacturers, it allows to produce tanks with outstanding stability and work characteristics, simply due to the fact that the tank is made without tension in one single piece.

It is also difficult to beat us at our specialised production methods like foam rotation, logo-inmould and sandwich rotation which are not everyone’s cup of tea. What Speidel produces is made with perfection and the knowledge of over 100 years of experience.

Our four rotation devices allow us to be very efficient and multifunctional. We offer an outstanding price-performance ratio as well as variable lot sizes which perfectly fit our clients’ production cycles.

Our machinery in operation deserves serious attention: with a rotation diameter of 3,6 metres we are able to manufacture containers up to about 3 metres in lenght and 10,000 litres in capacity. Smaller parts are produced on our other three devices.