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Rainwater use

"The rain in Spain ..."

It all started in the 1970s. Back then, Speidel was already ahead of its times, for the classical rain barrel - today known to just about everyone - is a Speidel invention. After the rain barrel came the rain columns. Though the floor space required for the column is the same as for the barrel, the column collects much more water than the barrel.

Our rainwater cistern is ideal for the watering of big gardens. PE made underground tanks have the advantage that they are easy to move. Furthermore they can be built in at any time. Speidel's indisctructible rain water collectors are made of high quality, food-safe PE and are thus ideal for the storage of potable water. Thanks to their massive reinforcing ribs and the thickest walls of all PE rain tanks these cisterns are extremely robust and inherently stable.

Since many cities have already introduced or are about to introduce splitted wastewater charges, water is not always meant to be collected. Sometimes it is meant to seep away. The wastewater costs depend on the size of the sealed area. By allowing the rainwater flowing off the sealed area to seep away, you can save lots of money. Even in case of relatively low wastewater taxes the investment in a soakaway unit pays itself off rather quickly.