Mostfässer im Keller

Home cider making

Only the best for my cellar!

From tree to glass: Speidel provides everything you need in order for you to make your own juice or cider from start to finish: from the pome fruit grinder and the juicer to the transportation and storage in barrels made of high-grade PE or stainless steel.

Once you have tasted your own, home-made apple juice, you will have a hard time to go back to the ones sold in shops. And why should you? At home you can produce genuine apple juice made of your favourite kind of apple. To prevent apple juice from fermenting, it needs to be heated. In addition to permitting the air-tight storage of the juice, Speidel’s beverage barrel allows to heat the juice by means of an immersion heater. This way the pure apple juice is fresh for months to come.

Yet, you can also produce juice made of blackberries, grapes, cherries or pears. Everything is possible. Self-made fruit juice simply tastes better and has a higher quality than the juice bought in shops. The fruit harvested in your own yard is usually pesticide free and grown without preserving agents or artificial flavouring substances. This makes it twice as good as the fruit you are given in industrially produced beverages.

In recent years, also must has been experiencing a renaissance and can now be found in almost all beverage stores. Yet, only when self-made, must is true must. Who stores must in their cellar, most likely does so in a barrel from Speidel, at least here in Swabia.

Speidel’s must barrels have almost become a generic term. Their quality makes Speidel’s barrels and tanks incredibly persistant and their clever details are simply convincing: resistant handles; big openings which allow good access; a lid which doesn’t co-rotate, so the rubber seal doesn’t share off, but always fits tightly. Food-safe, uncoloured low pressure PE tanks with extra smooth and very easy to clean inner surface and a very resistant fermentation lock.