Environmental protection

Ökologie schon bei der Produktion

Ecological production

Speidel cares for the responsible use of environmental resources within our company. The waste heat of our rotation ovens is used for the heating of our workshops and rain water is used for our machinery, our restrooms and the cleaning of tanks. In addition, we only use CO2-free electricity in our two plants and use as much daylight as possible in our offices and workshops. This way Speidel complies with the most modern environmental requirements and contributes to a healthier environment.

Yet, also all our products are designed to be both eco-friendly and sustainable. Our rainwater cisterns allow to reduce the use of water. Our home brewery and cider making products help process healthy, domestic farming products for you and your entire family. And thanks to their perfect weld seams and smooth inner surfaces, our stainless steel tanks mostly need nothing but water to be cleaned. The simple cleaning of our products helps you to save money and to preserve nature.