The art of container production

Speidel produces high quality containers for storage, supply and transportation. Our customers are municipal services as well as agricultural and industrial enterprises. And they know why: for professionals abstain from junk.

There are, we admit, cheaper containers to be had than the ones we produce. Yet, ‘low price products’ all too often mean ‘low profile’. Speidel however does not save on materials and produces PE-containers with the thickest walls. This way our customers can be sure that their containers are solid and stable for many years to come.

Speidel’s grit containers for example make the winter not only safer, but also nicer. Our stable grit containers are available with an orange, charcoal or green lid. This way your grit makes an awesome impression and glaze ice can kiss your grits.

Speidel has found good and simple solutions also for the production of wine. During the harvest, for example, grapes need to remain as unharmed as possible in order to guarantee high quality wine. This is the reason why Speidel has developed a tilting tub in collaboration with experts in the field of wine growing. And all of them are very satisfied with the outcome.

Most of our customers are ‘serial’, i. e. they keep returning to us because they know they’ll be completely satisfied with what they’ll get. Speidel has containers in almost all sizes always in stock. We also deliver fast so that no one needs to wait long for their new Speidel tank to arrive.