Braumeister im Lager


Brew your own beer

Now anyone can brew good beer with a great taste! The Braumeister is easy to use and ideal for home brewers. Everything remeins clean! And the entire brewing process, controlled by the fully automated control system, takes place in one container only!

Brewing with the autopilot: The auomated brewing control takes over! It allows the brewing of individual recipes! Depending on the recipe, the Braumeister is programmed with the appropriate brewing times. The brewing process starts by switching over to automatic brewing. The control system guides the user through the various steps and executes the four brewing phases automatically. Time and temperature are precisely maintained throughout the whole brewing process.

In contrast to the often cumbersome equipment of many other hobby brewing devices, the Braumeister does not require constant stirring. The patented malt pipe technology makes for the easy and gentle circulation of the wort. This way, nothing gets burned and there is no need for decanting during the brewing process.

Since the malt is not washed out through a stirring device, but through the gentle transfer of the wort, everything remains clean. Mashing, lautering and the cooking of the hop all take place in one tank. You don’t need to worry about anything and can concentrate on brewing your beer according to your own taste.

Whether you prefer wheat beer, Märzen or ale: the Braumeister allows you the brewing of all kinds of beers. You will certainly taste the difference in quality between your own beer and the all too often interchangeable, featureless beers made for the masses. Be warned though: once you have acquired a taste for home-brewed beer you might turn your back on those commercial brews that all taste the same once and for all. In other words: hard will it be to do without this natural type of beer brewing that goes without pasteurization and chemical additives.